Résultats les plus fous pour Smartphone

J'ai testé des tonnes de smartphones et ce que j'ai remarqué, c'est que le traitement de l'image fait une énorme différence et qu'il diffère tellement d'une marque à l'autre. J'ai donc décidé de tester des smartphones phares avec 2 smartphones de milieu de gamme et de voir les résultats. ils jouent sur les tons de peau indiens. J'ai comparé Pixel 3XL, iPhone 11, Samsung Note 10+ avec l'appareil photo Redmi Note 8 Pro et Realme XT.

Ma récente comparaison d'appareil photo entre iPhone 11 et iPhone XR.

41 thoughts on “Résultats les plus fous pour Smartphone

  1. Watching On XT… XT Is Doing Great… But On Video's Side There Are Little, Very Little Lags At 1080 30fps As Well As 60fps While Moving The Mobile At The Time Of Shooting… Yes, It Can Be Optimised Through OTA Update…

  2. This video is sponsored by Xiaomi and realme together
    How the hell one could compare Xiaomi & realme devices with flagship one. Their is huge difference between them. I thought ranjit was a honest reviewer but now i don't think so

  3. The only problem I think buying an 80K samsung phone is you don’t get anything after 2 yrs when u sell it but when u sell your old Iphone, it gives u good money even after 2 yrs.

  4. No criticism over your judgement… But personally after playing with camera of iphone 11 and pixel 3 xl .. i would not justify in this section.. the pixel 3xl is using only one lens and has the best algorithm in the smartphone market… And if you say the indian skin tone does not match pixel.. sir it pulls out the true shade just like how a dslr pulls out.. i have been using the pixel series since the inception for camera and i can guarantee there is no camera smartphone in the market which can even come close to pixel in the photography dept*. ( *Only if you know how to play with the camera). It seems u missed the potrait feature while comparism of these phones.. Do the video again !! You will feel the difference … @geekyranjit

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